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Friday, 27th November 2015 - 09:28

Academy of Medical Royal Colleges

The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges speaks on standards of care and medical education across the UK. By bringing together the expertise of the medical Royal Colleges and Faculties it drives improvement in health and patient care through education, training and quality standards.


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Rolling News

  • Junior Doctors: latest

    The Academy urged both sides in the current dispute around junior doctors’ contracts to step back from the brink and re-enter negotiations. Therefore, following the BMA’s initial suggestion, we are pleased to see the Secretary of State’s agreement to enter talks using ACAS. We hope that industrial action can now be suspended so that, as we have consistently argued, meaningful negotiations from all parties can take place to resolve this dispute.

  • NHS Investment

    The additional investment in the NHS is clearly welcome and it is good that the Government has responded to the arguments put forward by the service on the need for immediate investment. The Academy has always been clear to create a healthcare system which is sustainable in the long term will require investment in the short term...

  • Junior Doctors - The Academy's position

    The Academy is urging both sides in the current dispute around junior doctors’ contracts to step back from the brink and re-enter negotiations in good faith so that an agreement can be reached. If necessary this should be through third party conciliation and arbitration. Failure to do so will have an adverse impact on the NHS and current and future patients.

  • Junior Doctors' Contract Negotiations

    The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges does not discuss matters relating to doctors' terms and conditions of employment, but it welcomes any initiative which seeks to resolve the current impasse in the negotiations...

  • New guidance sets out six point plan to improve coordination of care in primary and community settings

    A designated ‘lead clinician’, should take responsibility for ensuring a patient’s care is coordinated whenever it is delivered outside hospital settings, according to new guidance by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, being issued today.

    The work was commissioned in February 2015, by the Secretary of State for Health following an earlier Academy report...


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