The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges (the Academy) is the membership body for the UK and Ireland’s 24 medical royal colleges and faculties.

Healthcare is complex and there are many issues where a cross-specialty perspective is needed. It is our job to collate our member’s views, and coordinate activities so that we can collectively influence and shape healthcare across the four nations of the UK.

This unique position also gives us a leading role particularly in the areas of clinical quality, public health and the education and training of doctors.

The work of the Academy is underpinned by effective representation and engagement with all its stakeholders, from the patient on a ward, to the Secretary of State for Health. Through these strong relationships we are able, not only to create opportunities to promote our own priorities for healthcare, but also to be well-placed to advise and carry out work on behalf of others.

We also work closely with organisations such as the NHS, the General Medical Council and patient groups on projects designed to improve the quality of care, such as the Evidence-based Interventions Programme and the Medical Training Initiative.

The Academy staff team comprises highly skilled and well-connected policy advisors. We regularly conduct work on behalf of external organisations and key stakeholders in the healthcare sector across the UK.


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