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Reports and guidance archive

If you require copies of any of our reports and guidance listed below, please contact our publications manager who will be able to email you a copy.

Coping with winter pressures: a practical guide (2017)

College Guidelines. What are the key success factors for their development and implementation? (2017)

Cost of Training (2017)

Evaluation of Broad based Training (2017)

Evaluation of Broad Based Training Executive summary (2017)

Framework of principles for mentoring (2017)

Generic professional capabilities: implementation guidance (2017)

Information and Digital Technologies Clinical Requirements 2020 (2017)

Academy Guidance on e-Portfolios (2016)

Acute Care in Remote Settings (2016)

Creating Supportive Environments (2016)

A framework of operating principles for managing invited reviews within healthcare (2016)

Global Health Capabilities for UK Health Professionals (2016)

Improving the physical health of adults with severe mental illness: essential actions (2016)

Improving Assessment: Further Guidance and Recommendations (2016)

Maternity / Paternity Survey Results (2016)

Quality Improvement – training for better outcomes (2016)

Quality Improvement – training for better outcomes: Key Findings (2016)

20/20 A vision of healthcare (2016)

Achieving Safer Prescription of Cytotoxic Agents (2015)

Coordinating care: in primary, community and outpatient settings (2015)

International HSMRs (2015)

Shape of Training Mapping Exercise (2015)

Accreditation of Transferable Competences (2014)

Accreditation of Transferable Competences FAQs (2014)

Advice to the Welsh Government on best interests in a deemed consent situation (2014)

Annual Weigh-in (2014)

Decisions of Value Report and Findings (2014)

Decisions of Value Infographic (2014)

Child Sexual Exploitation: Improving recognition and response in health settings (2014)

Facing the Future: Sustainability for Medical Royal Colleges (2014)

Protecting Resources Promoting Value. A Doctors Guide to Cutting Waste in Clinical Care (2014)

Staggering Trainee Doctor Changeover (2014)

Staggering Trainee Doctor Changeover: Appendices A to I (2014)

Two Sides of the Same Coin (2014)

Value of the Doctor in Training (2014)

2015 Challenge Declaration (2014)

Adjustment Principles for Examination Candidates with Disabilities (2013)

Changing Care, Improving Quality (2013)

Evidence Based Medicine Matters (2013)

Flexibility and Equality Survey Results 2012 (2013)

Guidance for Good Practice in Examination Appeals (2013)

i-care: Information, Communication and Technology in the NHS (2013)

Measuring Up. The Medical Profession’s Prescription for the Nation’s Obesity Crisis (2013)

Prescribing and Administration of Cytotoxic and Immunosuppressant Agents (2013)

Private: Standards for the Clinical Structure and Content of Patient Records(2013)

Recommendations for Safe Trainee Changeover (2013)

Seven Day Consultant Present Care: Implementation Considerations (2013)

UK Undergraduate Curriculum in Nutrition (2013)

UK Undergraduate Curriculum in Nutrition Accompanying Notes (2013)

Alcohol and Drugs: Core Medical Competencies (2012)

The Benefits of Consultant Delivered Care (2012)

Curriculum for a Broad Based Training Programme (2012)

Seven Day Consultant Present Care (2012)


Acute Kidney Injury: A Competency Framework (2011)

Clinical Commissioning Summit: Executive Summary (2011)

E-Health Competency Framework – Defining the role of the Expert Clinician (2011)

Engaging Doctors: What can we learn from trusts with high levels of medical engagement (2011)

Help get the right medicines when you move care providers (2011)

Hospital Episode Statistics: Improving the quality and value of hospital data (2011)

Keeping patients safe when they transfer between care providers: Organisational Guidance (2011)

Keeping patients safe when they transfer between care providers: Professional Guidance (2011)

NHS Leadership Framework (2011)



Advice on SPA’s in Consultant Job Planning (2010)

Clinical Responses to Downturn (2010)

Do You Know Who is Treating You? A Patients Guide to Doctors in Training (2010)

JACTAG Guidance: External Advice from Medical Specialists (2010)

Medical Chief Executives in NHS: Facilitators and Barriers to their Career Progress (2010)

RCGP Prescribing Indicators Clarity Informatics (2010)

Scope for improvement. A toolkit for a safer Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding (UGIB) service (2010)

Undergraduate Guidance for Medical Education (2010)

Workplace Based Assessment Forum Outcomes (2010)



An account of Academy development and activity 2006-2009

Common competences framework for doctors (2009)

Educational initiatives to improve the effectiveness of cancer multidisciplinary teams. Intercollegiate cancer committee (2009)

A guide to finance for hospital doctors (2009)

Health Inequalities Forum. Health Inequalities curriculum Competency Project (2009)

Improving Assessment (2009)

Medical Leadership Competency Framework Enhancing Engagement in Medical Leadership Second Edition (2009)

No Health without Mental Health The ALERT summary report (2009)

Workplace Based Assessment. A Guide for Implementation (2009)



Medical workforce project to identify the added value doctors bring to the healthcare team (2008)

Managing urgent mental health needs in the Acute Trust: A guide by practitioners, for managers and commissioners in England and Wales (2008)

A Clinician’s Guide to Record Standards – Part 1: Why standardise the structure and content of medical records? (2008)

A Clinician’s Guide to Record Standards – Part 2: Standards for the structure and content of medical records and communications when patients are admitted to hospital (2008)

Engaging Doctors. Can doctors influence organisational performance? Enhancing engagement in medical leadership (2008)

Engaging doctors in leadership: What we can learn from international experience and research evidence? (2008)



Development of e-learning for doctors (2007)

Acute health care services. Report of a Working Party (2007)

MTAS review group report (2007)


2006 – 2001

Medical expert witnesses guidance (2005)

Specialist services: is their future secure? An advisory report (2002)

College/Faculty services to Foundation Trusts: Involvement in the appointment of consultant and SAS Posts (2002)

Implementing and ensuring safe sedation practice for healthcare procedures in adults (2001)

Standards for the design of hospital in-patient prescription charts (2011)

Medical Appraisal Guide 2020. A guide for professional medical appraisals in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic (2020)

Medical Appraisal Template (2020)

Medical Appraisal 2020 – Key points for doctors (2020)

Medical appraisal 2020 – Guidance for Appraisers (2020)

Medical appraisal – a rebalanced appraisal (2020)

Appraisal and revalidation update (2020)

NHSE/I FAQs on appraisal (2020)

Interactions with patients. Reflection prompts for appraisers (2020)

Suggested prompts for Appraisers – CPD (2020)

Guidance for entering information onto e-portfolios (2016)

A framework of operating principles for managing invited reviews within healthcare (2016)

Investigation, remediation and resolution of concerns about a doctor’s practice – where do the colleges fit? (2014)

Peer coaching in remediation (2014)

Appraisal for revalidation: a guide to the process (2014)

Specialty Guidance Group – Phase 3 project report (2014)

Retired doctors and revalidation – guidance (2014)

Principles for the conduct and quality assurance of invited reviews (2013)

Remediation working group report (2012)

The impact of revalidation on the clinical and non-clinical activity of hospital doctors (2012)

Hospital Episode Statistics as a source of information on safety and quality in gynaecology to support revalidation (2012)

Return to practice guidance (2012)

Reflective template for revalidation (2012)

Standards and criteria for CPD activities a framework for accreditation (2012)

RCGP secure environments revalidation pilot: England (2011)

Information on the quality of medical note keeping to support appraisal and revalidation. (2011)

The effectiveness of continuing professional development (2010)

Remediation report of the steering group (2010)

CPD guidelines for recommended headings under which to describe a college or faculty CPD scheme (2009)

CPD guidance framework for appraisers and appraisees (2009)