The General Medical Council (GMC) describes the expected behaviours of doctors in Good Medical Practice. Doctors demonstrate these through participation in professional governance processes and medical appraisal. Information from both of these processes contributes to the doctor’s revalidation, which is a periodic reaffirmation that they are up to date and fit to practise.

All doctors who wish to retain their GMC licence to practise need to participate in revalidation and the governance and appraisal processes that support it.

The GMC website has more information on revalidation for doctors, employers and the public.

The role of the Academy in revalidation is to bring together key stakeholders across the four nations and facilitate the work of the medical royal colleges and faculties in finding ways for individual doctors to demonstrate their continued competence in a balanced and proportionate way.

By encouraging interested parties to share their experience and expertise in the development of revalidation tools, we aim to reduce duplication of effort and create a level playing field for all doctors. This is done through the Academy Professional Development Committee, chaired by Dr John Woodhouse. For more information about revalidation please contact Kate Tansley