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The Academy takes a UK-wide perspective on workforce issues. Our Academy Workforce Committee (AWC) was set up to provide advice to the Academy Council on policy and strategy relating to the workforce.

The Committee is comprised of doctors and staff from across the colleges and faculties. It identifies, explores, and builds a cross-specialty position on key workforce issues, including: 

  • The recruitment and retention of doctors 
  • Flexible working (including portfolio careers) 
  • Staff wellbeing 
  • Future workforce planning  
  • The changing shape of the profession, including trainees, SAS, LEDs, and consultants and GPs 
  • Multi-professional team working and new ways of working across healthcare 

The work is led by Fiona Donald (Chair) and John-Paul Mattar (Policy Manager). 

The AWC was set up in 2023 replacing the Academy Flexible Careers Committee. Work produced by the Flexible Careers Committee remains relevant to the AWC and can be found below.  

Useful resources