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Academy response: Topol Review

Professor Carrie MacEwen said,

“The Academy recognises the huge potential of the digital agenda – genomics, digital medicine, AI and robotics – to transform medicine both in terms of the technologies themselves and in increased productivity. These can bring great benefits to patients but also to the working lives of staff if introduced with due governance and essential training.

We, therefore, welcome Professor Eric Topol’s thorough report which particularly emphasises workforce and education issues. We must have the workforce available in the first place, and it has to be “digitally prepared”

Both in our recent report in AI and our current work on genomics the Academy has stressed the vital importance of ensuring the current, as well as the future workforce, is equipped to understand and manage these technological changes. Without this workforce engagement and understanding the potential gains will not be realised.

The Academy and medical royal colleges will be keen to play their part in ensuring we do have a digitally enabled workforce to ensure patients and staff reap the benefits that, undoubtedly, are available.”