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The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse

‘The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) report of healthcare practitioners sexual abuse of children under the guise of medical procedures is sad and shocking. Aside from their criminality, the cases show a complete abuse of the relationship of the trust that should exist between a healthcare professional and any of their patients.

The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges extends its sympathy and regret to all those victims who have shown huge courage in coming forward to tell their stories .

There is some positive progress however, in that there have been significant developments in addressing child protection issues in healthcare since 2000 and the time when many of these abuses took place. The report highlights the need for appropriate safeguarding  and effective responses to allegations of sexual abuse by healthcare practitioners.

Appropriate safeguarding measures should now be in place across the NHS. All healthcare professionals must ensure they are properly implemented and that they are personally always seeing that children are properly and appropriately care for.’