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Junior Doctor Training in the Independent Sector

The Academy welcomes the NHSE/I agreement outlining principles and guidance around training in the independent sector  for organisations working under the COVI-19 National Contract.

Dr Jeanette Dickson, Academy of Medical Royal Colleges Vice-Chair for Education and President of the Royal College of Radiologists said,

“The Academy and Medical Royal Colleges are very pleased to see today’s announcement about training provision for junior doctors in the independent sector. Colleges have been calling for this for a long time.

All trainees need access to as much high-quality training as possible in a correctly supported environment.  As the NHS changes patient pathways due to COVID and NHS care is provided in the independent sector, then training to recognised NHS standards must be available in the independent sector.“

Dr Anna Olsson-Brown, chair of the Academy Trainee Doctors Group, said,

‘’This is a considered and positive move to maximise training opportunities which will be welcomed by doctors in training 

 It is a well thought out and structured approach to ensure sufficient support and supervision from experienced supervisors. It optimises access to procedural learning and the number of procedures / diagnostics needed for competence.

Training in the independent setting should be incorporated into work schedules so it becomes part of regional training provision and to ensure training quality is maintained and developed over time”