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Academy statement: COVID-19

The message today from Professor Chris Whitty, the Chief Medical Officer and Sir Patrick Valance, the Government’s Chief Scientific Advisor, was powerful and urgent.

It is clear that unless we take swift action, we face a disastrous second wave of COVID-19.

 As the membership organisation for the professional bodies representing the UK’s doctors we are certain that a second COVID wave would not only bring unnecessary deaths and suffering to individuals and families affected by COVID but could potentially overwhelm the NHS and care systems during a winter period.

 We all have our responsibilities in seeking to overcome this pandemic – whether as individual citizens, as healthcare professionals or as Government.

 But it is how we all behave as individuals that will determine whether or not we have to suffer a second wave of this terrible disease. The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges would therefore urge everyone to ensure they follow the appropriate guidance. In that way we do have the chance to avoid a devastating second wave of COVID-19.