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Academy position statement: Clinical Standards Review

The Academy and relevant medical royal colleges have been fully involved with NHS England’s Clinical Standards Review chaired by Professor Steve Powis, NHSE/I Medical Director.  Following recent meetings and as the first part of the process is drawing to a close the Academy wishes to restate its position.

This exercise is looking at current metrics and targets used in the delivery of urgent and emergency care, elective care, cancer and mental health with the intention to review these to ensure they are relevant and appropriate to optimise clinical care and outcomes.  In essence this is a quality improvement exercise, moving away from process targets to clinically set standards which aim to stimulate and enable best practise and improve patient care and experience. This important piece of work to explore alternative or additional metrics and standards is welcome, timely and has been clinically led.

It is recognised that standards do not and should not remain static. With changes in demand, service delivery and clinical options, alternative or additional metrics which will support better care and patient experience may become more appropriate. With clinician and patient input, these should be welcomed and kept under review as they are implemented.