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ATDG statement: Professionalism

“We wanted to reach out to all doctors but particularly trainees regarding the article in the Times this morning  (25/02/2020) from the Academy Chair, Professor Carrie MacEwen. The Academy Trainee Doctors’ Group (ATDG) are elected to collaboratively represent all trainee doctors in the UK.

We are acutely aware of the significant pressure on doctors in the current healthcare climate. Demands on us are at an unprecedented level and the professionalism and commitment of doctors working in the current climate, every day, is both beyond the call of duty and humbling.

Sustaining this level of working is unrealistic. Empowering doctors, particularly trainees, to gain experience and become leaders in healthcare is an essential component to prevent further deterioration of our working conditions and erosion of our profession. It is this that the Academy represents and the ATDG wholeheartedly reject any suggestion that doctors are anything other than conscientious, committed professionals working in increasingly challenging circumstances.”

Dr Anna Olsson-Brown, Chair Academy Trainee Doctors’ Group