Specialty and Associate Specialist (SAS) doctors are a diverse group, ranging from doctors/dentists with 4 years’ experience to senior doctors/dentists practising independently. The SAS grade comprises specialist doctors/dentists, specialty doctors/dentists, associate specialists, staff grades, hospital practitioners, clinical assistants, senior clinical medical officers, and clinical medical officers. All doctors/dentists appointed into new SAS posts are appointed as specialist doctors/dentists or specialty doctors/dentists. Some long-term locally employed doctors/dentists are SAS-like though they may not be in formal SAS Grades.


The Academy SAS Committee represents the needs, interests, and views and promotes the development of the SAS workforce. It gives a voice to the SAS community regarding wider issues in healthcare and promotes a positive profile for the SAS workforce. The Committee brings together SAS leads from Colleges and Faculties and includes a patient/lay rep and SAS reps from the BMA and BDA as co-opted members.


The work is led by Dr Waleed Arshad (Chair) and managed by Alison Moulds. For further information on any of our past or current work with SAS doctors please contact Alison Moulds.