Doctors must be capable of regularly taking ultimate responsibility for difficult decisions in situations of clinical complexity and uncertainty. The doctor’s role must be defined by what is in the best interest of patients and of the population served.

The Value of the Doctor in Training articulates the wider value of postgraduate medical training, providing a practical foundation to ensure the highest standard of doctors’ training and quality of care.

The Charter has seven guiding principles in training:

  • Patient safety and care are paramount
  • The long term delivery of high quality care depends on doctors receiving excellent training
  • Doctors in training must at all times act professionally and within their competence, taking appropriate responsibility for patients under their care
  • Service will be focussed around patient needs, but the work undertaken by doctors in training should support learning wherever possible
  • Doctors in training are equal partners in the training process and should be involved in its design
  • Doctors in training have reciprocal responsibilities to employers, trainers and patients in return for being trained
  • Training should ensure equality of opportunity for all, reflect the diverse needs of doctors in training and be commensurate with a good quality of life