As part of the work to increase patient and public awareness of, and involvement in, revalidation, a leaflet has been developed by the Collaboration for the Advancement of Medical Education Research & Assessment (CAMERA) research team based at Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry.
The leaflet, ‘Revalidation. What it means to us all’, has been informed by the Health Foundation’s research exploring Patient and Public Involvement in revalidation from the patients’ perspective and designed in collaboration with a number of stakeholders including members of the Patient and Public Involvement Forum*, several patient research partners and patient groups, College service and user groups, and the Academy’s Patient Feedback Working Group.
The leaflet is available in online and print ready versions and is accompanied by a local insert document that organisations can personalise with their contacts accordingly
*The Patient and Public Involvement Forum is responsible for overseeing the design, implementation and evaluation of all patient and public involvement (PPI) aspects – and for advising on and supporting all aspects of – the i) GMC Revalidation Evaluation, and ii) DH PRP Revalidation Evaluation.