The Academy welcomes and supports the GMC’s action plan to implement the recommendations in Sir Keith Pearson’s report – ‘Taking Revalidation Forward’ – published earlier this year. We are committed to working with the GMC and have contributed to the discussions about how to take forward the proposals set out in their plan.

In particular, we will work with individual Colleges and Faculties to update their guidance to ensure greater clarity and understanding on what is required for revalidation in a simple and consistent manner across the specialties. As part of this work, the Academy and its specialties will define what elements are GMC requirements for maintenance of a Licence to Practice and what are recommendations for best practice within a specialty.

We welcome the commitment to make the patient feedback process easier and more valuable – the Academy has an established patient feedback workstream and will input its findings directly into the GMC’s work.

The Academy is aware that many doctors have become sceptical about the value of appraisal for their professional development and see it as a necessary ‘tick-box exercise’ for revalidation. We are keen to improve the appraisal experience for doctors so that doctors remain committed to the process, and welcome the opportunity to work with the GMC to achieve this.


Taking Revalidation Forward, Academy Response to the GMC Implementation Plan