It is obviously a matter of regret that it has not proved possible to reach a negotiated settlement of the dispute over the junior doctors contract.

It has been acknowledged that the dispute has highlighted a high level of discontent which has been fermenting for years and junior doctors clearly expressed a feeling that they were not valued in the NHS.

While the circumstances are regrettable, it is helpful that the Government has accepted Sir David Dalton’s recommendation for a review of these concerns.

Professor Dame Sue Bailey, Chair of the Academy, has been asked to lead that review which will begin immediately. Commenting on her appointment, Professor Bailey said:

“I am privileged to have been asked to lead this review and look forward to working with colleagues from a range of relevant organisations whose input will be invaluable.

This work is crucial to improve working life for junior doctors and as we know, improving the morale of staff will improve the quality of patient care. That is why this is such an important task and so, I am sure, all parties will be fully committed to ensuring we are successful.

I particularly want to hear about the concerns of junior doctors directly so we can, as a whole NHS community, significantly improve the morale and well-being of trainees. We will work openly to ensure all views are heard, understood and then acted upon.”