If you have been accepted on the MTI Scheme and are coming to or currently are in the UK on an MTI training post then this section may act as an important resource for you. If you have any questions that extend beyond what is listed in this section them please contact mti@aomrc.org.uk

The Academy believes that doctors coming to the UK on the MTI should be well acquainted with medical professionalism in the UK. Therefore it is recommended that MTI doctors become familiar with the GMC’s Good Medical Practice and Medical Students: Professional Values and Fitness to Practice.  The Academy also recommends that doctors complete the GMC’s Good Medical Practise in Action, an online resource to test your knowledge of medical ethics in the UK.

An online Induction for international doctors is also available on the e-learning for Healthcare website. It is designed for all new non-UK qualified doctors that are employed or sponsored in the UK, including MTI doctors. The programme introduces internationally qualified doctors, who are new to UK clinical practice, to national ethical, social, legal and professional aspects. The programme has 26 interactive e-learning modules. Sessions include case-based scenarios and are intentionally generic in content, making them useful for doctors of any specialty and grade. Doctors who have completed the programme have found that it increased their knowledge about UK clinical practice and said that it was useful in enhancing the patient care they provide.

The Professional Support Unit also offers a range of courses and Communication Skills Workshops specifically for MTI doctors.