Only the authorised signatories listed below can complete and sign part 6 of the MTI application form.


Local OfficeJob titleNamed authorised signatoryemail
East MidlandsPG DeanJonathan Corne
East MidlandsDeputy DeanIain
East of EnglandAssociate Dean Dr Fraz
Kent Surrey SussexPG DeanProf Graeme Dewhurst
Kent Surrey SussexDeputy DeanDr Chris Warwick
London (North)PG DeanDr Gary
London (North)Deputy DeanBhanu Williams
London (North)Deputy DeanDr Elizabeth
London (North)Deputy DeanLouise Schofield
London (South)PG DeanProf Geeta
London (South)Deputy DeanDr Cleave Gass
London (South)Deputy DeanDr Anand
North EastPG DeanProf. Namita Kumar
North EastDeputy DeanDr Richard Bellamy
North WestPG DeanProf. Jane
North WestAssociate Dean Dr Aruna
Northern IrelandPG DeanDr Ian
ScotlandPG Dean & Director of PG GP EducationProf Amjad Khan (GP, PH and BBT)
ScotlandPG DeanProf Alastair McLellan (Medicine)
ScotlandPG DeanProf Adam Hill (Surgery, Anaesthetics, EM and ICM)
ScotlandPG DeanProf Alan Denison (Diagnostics, O&G and Paeds)
ScotlandPG DeanProf Clare McKenzie (Foundation and Mental Health)
South WestPG DeanDr Geoff Smith
South WestDeputy DeanHiu Lam
South WestDeputy DeanJon Francis
Thames ValleyAssociate Dean Asif Ali (ACCS, Emergency Medicine, Psychiatry)
Thames ValleyAssociate Dean Jeremy Noble (Anaesthetics, Intensive Care, Radiology)
Thames ValleyAssociate Dean Rebecca Black (Paediatrics, Medicine, Ophthalmology)
WalesPG DeanProf Tom Lawson
WessexPG DeanPaul
WessexAssociate DeanPhilip
West MidlandsRegional PG Dean Prof. Russell Smith
West MidlandsDeputy DeanAndy
Yorkshire and the HumberDeputy DeanFiona
Yorkshire and the HumberDeputy DeanJon
Yorkshire and the HumberDeputy DeanWilly
Yorkshire and the HumberDeputy DeanSarah