The EBI team have been working with Prostate Cancer UK to highlight the importance of ensuring patients are educated on their personal risk factors related to PSA testing. To mark this year’s Men’s Health Week, a patient in touch with PCUK, said,

‘When I got to my 60th birthday I thought I should start considering my health a bit more. Even though I didn’t have any particular concerns, I’d much rather be made aware of any issues sooner rather than later, so I went to see my GP for a general health check. As well as discussing general topics like blood pressure and blood sugar, we also talked about my prostate health. I didn’t know much about the prostate or PSA testing at the time, so it was more of an educational discussion on my own personal risk factors.’

Tony, aged 66.

You can find out more about EBI guidance on PSA testing, including useful patient leaflets and videos here.