Estimated activity

— 38,088 episodes during 2018/19

— Age/sex std rate per 100,000 – 64.1

— Reduction opportunity: 8,964 (24%) based on 25th percentile of activity across CCGs.

— Variation (age/sex std rates):

— N-fold – 2.4

— 10th percentile – 40.8

— 25th percentile – 53.2

— 50th percentile – 66.8

— 90th percentile – 97.5



Procedure codes

W82.1 Endoscopic total excision of semilunar cartilage

W82.2 Endoscopic resection of semilunar cartilage NEC

W82.3 Endoscopic repair of semilunar cartilage

W82.8 Other specified

W82.9 Unspecified


Diagnosis codes

M23.2 Derangement of meniscus due to old tear or injury

M23.3 Other meniscus derangements

S83.2 Tear of meniscus, current

(Note – cancer diagnoses are a global exclusion)


Any other criteria (e.g. patient age)

Patients of all ages

Exclude any patients admitted as a non-elective admission


Will the procedure be carried out in OP or as APC?

Admitted Patient Care


Coding logic

Dominant procedure code is:

W82.1 OR

W82.2 OR

W82.3 OR

W82.8 OR



Diagnosis code in primary position is:

M23.2 OR

M23.3 OR



APCS.Admission_Method not like (‘2%’)

SQL code

left(der.Spell _ Dominant _ Procedure,3)='W82'
and (der.Spell _ Primary _ Diagnosis like '%M23[23]%' or der.Spell _ Primary _ Diagnosis like '%S832%')
and APCS.Admission _ Method not like ('2%')

Global cancer exclusion

(apcs.der _ diagnosis _ all not like '%C[0-9][0-9]%'
and apcs.der _ diagnosis _ all not like '%D0%'
and apcs.der _ diagnosis _ all not like '%D3[789]%'
and apcs.der _ diagnosis _ all not like '%D4[012345678]%' or apcs.der _ diagnosis _ all IS NULL)