Broad Based Training (BBT) is a two year training programme that provides post-foundation doctors with a range of six-month experiences across the following four specialty areas: general practice, internal medicine, paediatrics, and psychiatry. Currently, this programme is running only in Scotland.

BBT allows time for trainees who are not sure about their choice of career pathway to explore the options within a UK training programme and make a more confident final decision. It also provides the opportunity for trainees who do know what they want to do develop more breadth and general training to allow them to be more versatile and flexible in the future.

Successful completion of the BBT training programme allows trainees to move into the second year of a specialist training programme in any of the four specialties without the need for further recruitment processes.

This approach addresses the requirements of the Shape of Training report encouraging joint working and understanding across specialties to the benefit of the public and preparing the future workforce.

For further information on any of our past or current work on broad based training please contact John-Paul Mattar.