Whatever the views of individual colleges or college members on Brexit itself, all colleges and the Academy recognise the reality that we will be leaving the EU. Our position is therefore that we should work with the Government to achieve the best result from Brexit for patients and for health and social care across the UK. As such we will therefore adopt a pragmatic and solution focussed approach that will seek to minimise difficulties and threats to UK health and social care that the country’s departure from the EU will cause, but also look out for and make the most of any positive opportunities that may arise. As organisations with a wide expertise on healthcare (including workforce issues) we will seek to provide whatever data and analysis we can to support and inform the process in terms of both our agendas and the priorities of Government and its negotiators.

In terms of how we take matters forward colleges fully recognise the value of working both across the Academy and in wider alliances with organisations across health and social care. Individual colleges and faculties will, of course, pursue issues specifically relevant to them, but all recognise the importance of seeking to have consistent and complementary messages in the run up to Brexit in 2019.

The Academy is an active and wholly supportive member of both the Cavendish Coalition and The Brexit Health Alliance.

For further information contact Rose Jarvis on 0207 490 6810