We continue our work towards improving assessments for doctors in post graduate medical training.
Currently we are working on:

  • The future delivery of exams during the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure trainees can continue to progress
  • Exploring how the workplace can work most effectively as a complimentary assessment arena to exams
  • Collaborating with stakeholders to produce a common formula for colleges on granting reasonable adjustments for candidates with neurodiverse conditions sitting postgraduate exams
  • Exploring patient input into developing and performing high stakes clinical examination across Colleges, as well as looking at whether patient experience is part of trainee assessment.

Later in 2021 we plan to hold a workshop to share experiences across Colleges in terms of interventions and actions carried out to tackle differential attainment.

Where available, links to college and faculty exam dates and result publication dates have been collated.

All work in this area is carried out by our Assessment Committee, chaired by Robert Taylor and managed by Claire Coomber. For further information on any of our past or current work in assessment please contact Claire Coomber.