Education and training

The Academy contributes to postgraduate education and training at foundation and specialty level specialty and general practice. Our work feeds into developments in the way that the UK educates and trains our future doctors.

Medical Royal Colleges and Faculties devise the specialist curricula and help shape postgraduate medical education and training in the four countries across the UK. We support that role in relation to cross-cutting educational issues.

Alongside this we coordinate the work of the medical Royal Colleges and Faculties for the revalidation of all doctors.


Quality and Policy delivery

Complementing the need for a sustainable NHS the Academy frequently comments and makes recommendations on a wide range of issues that affect the delivery of policy, service, quality and standards, particularly where they can add value, both financially and to the way that doctors and healthcare professionals provide care.

Delivering high quality care for patients in a sustainable NHS is top of our agenda. We are regularly consulted by key stakeholders from across the healthcare spectrum and make recommendations that are designed to help doctors to take the lead in providing an NHS service that is fit for the future and enables them to deliver the best possible care. It is our role to give advice on specific clinical issues and standards.

Protecting and promoting health and well-being is key to all the medical professions. It is the collective responsibility of Government, communities and individuals to improve public health. Healthcare professionals, of course have their part to play and the Academy’s voice allows the specialties to come together to endorse and raise awareness of ways to prevent ill-health across the population.