The Academy’s activities concentrate primarily on producing policy and recommendations to inform healthcare. Much of this work is delivered by the Academy’s long standing committees or through working groups and independent short-life projects.  Below details our current committees and working groups.

Education and training committees

Academy Education Strategy Committee

Chair — Professor Derek Alderson

The Academy Education Strategy Committee is the overarching education body of the Academy. It identifies strategy, policy and work streams which need to be taken forward in postgraduate medical education and gives guidance and direction on how they will be achieved. It provides commonality between all the Academy education related committees. 

Managed by Johanne Penney


Academy Foundation Programme Committee

Chair — Dr Anthony Choules

The Academy Foundation Programme Committee coordinates and facilitates the work of the Medical Royal Colleges and Faculties to produce the Foundation Programme Curriculum for Foundation year doctors.

Managed by Johanne Penney


Joint Academy Training Forum

Chair — Dr Emma Vaux and Dr Sheona MacLeod 

The Joint Academy Training Forum coordinates, facilitates and develops generic work of the medical Royal Colleges and Faculties with regards to postgraduate medical specialty training, including general practice. It works in conjunction with other relevant bodies relating to postgraduate medical specialty and general practice training.

Managed by Johanne Penney


Academy Assessment Committee

Chair — Mr Gareth Griffiths

The Academy Assessment Committee coordinates, facilitates and takes forward the work of the Royal Colleges and Faculties with regards to assessment in postgraduate medical training.

Managed by Claire Coomber


Healthcare policy committees

Choosing Wisely Steering Group

Chair – Professor Carrie MacEwen

Choosing Wisely is an initiative to promote conversations between doctors and patients. The aim of the programme is to help patients and their clinicians choose care that is, supported by evidence, not duplicated, free from harm, necessary and consistent with patient values.


Genomics Clinical Leads

Chair — Professor Carrie McEwen and Professor Sue Hill

The Genomics Clinical Leads will be instrumental in refining and prioritising various aspects of NHS England’s genomic medicine programme. The work sits across the spectrum of medicine and healthcare to ensure that full benefits of genomics are realised while avoiding over-diagnosis or any potential harm.

Managed by Rose Jarvis


Academy Project Governance Committee

Chair — Vacancy

The Academy Project Governance Committee is responsible and accountable for the overall allocation of funds and monitoring of Academy matched funding projects according to the accepted principles of good governance.


Representational committees

Staff and Associate Specialist Doctors’ Committee

Chair — Dr Waleed Arshad

The Staff and Associate Specialist Doctors Committee represents the needs, interests, and views of the SAS doctors, encourage SAS representation at all Colleges and Faculties, brings together SAS representatives from all Colleges and Faculties to exchange information and share good practice, promotes development of SAS doctors, gives a voice to SAS doctors regarding wider issues in healthcare and promotes a positive profile for SAS doctors.

Managed by Claire Coomber and Alison Moulds


Academy Trainee Doctors’ Group

Chair — Dr Alice Wort

The Academy’s Trainee Doctors’ Group is a forum for Trainee representatives of all Medical Royal Colleges and Faculties to come together. It provides an informed and balanced view on generic issues relevant to College-registered trainees. The Chair is a co-opted member of the Academy Council.

Managed by Claire Coomber


Flexible Careers Committee

Chair — Dr Elaine Griffiths

The Flexible Careers Committee brings together College and Faculty representatives as well as representatives from the BMA, NHS Employers and the Medical Women’s Federation on issues relating to flexible working arrangements for medical and dental staff. This includes the whole spectrum of the workforce from trainees through to retirement and in primary, secondary, community and tertiary care. The Flexible Careers Committee operates under the auspices of the Academy but is supported with its own subscription and secretariat.

Managed by Nina Newbery


The Academy Patient Lay Committee

Chair — Ms Ros  Levenson

The Academy Patient Lay Committee informs Academy discussions, and ensures that the interests and perspectives of patients and the general public are taken into account within the work of the Academy. Members are from each of the College patient/lay groups. The Chair is a co-opted member of the Council.

Managed by Kate Tansley


Other committees

Revalidation and Professional Development Committee

Chair – Dr Susi Caesar

The Revalidation and Professional Development Committee is concerned with developing processes and procedures relating to the specialist revalidation of doctors and their CPD.

Managed by Yvonne Livesey