The Academy works continually to find ways to support trainee doctors throughout their postgraduate education. The Academy Trainee Doctors’ Group (ATDG) lead in this work by identifying issues that affect all trainee doctors and could be improved across the NHS.

The Group is currently leading on work exploring how best to create supportive environments, looking at the issue of bullying and undermining within the medical workforce in the UK, current efforts to tackle problems and what further work is required.

The ATDG developed a one-day seminar in collaboration with the GMC, held in September 2015. Delegates included representatives from Colleges, Faculties, Deaneries and LETBs, NHS Employers, Lay representatives, trainers and doctors in training. The main aims of the day were to share examples of good practice and to inspire new initiatives.

It was recognised that there has been substantial cultural change within medicine over recent decades.  However, to promote a culture of safety and good quality of care, all those in healthcare must act to address behaviours that threaten the performance of the healthcare team.  Factors identified as predisposing to bullying and undermining were dysfunctional leadership, division within teams and steep hierarchies.

The identified themes and recommendations from the seminar were published in 2016. Following on from this the Group will work in partnership with other stakeholders’ to develop the ideas and recommendations with the aim of making them standard practice within the NHS.

This work is chaired by Dr Alice Wort and managed by Claire Coomber