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Prospective Applicants

Through the MTI, trainee doctors from countries outside the European Union are offered the opportunity to learn from experienced consultants within the UK national health system.

In addition to receiving up to 24 months of specialised medical training, doctors on the MTI have also had the opportunity to attend a variety of workshops and seminars, gain fellowship to their relevant medical college and in some instances, sit their Medical Royal College Part 2 examination.

In many developing countries, doctors cannot receive their post university training in their own country. They must go abroad for two years to complete their qualifications. Britain has played a vital role in training doctors from countries where the shortage of skilled health professionals is leading to tens of thousands of preventable deaths each year.

Kathy Peach
Head of External Affairs for Volunteer Service Overseas UK

After looking through the information available on our website, if you have any further questions please email , with the full name of the doctor interested in, or applying for, an MTI placement in the email subject.