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Core Programmes

Chaired by: Dr Mike Jones

Broad Based Programmes are being developed through working groups of the Academy Specialty Training Consultative Committee in order to increase flexibility and opportunities for trainees to experience a wider range of competences in different settings.

Broad Based Programmes give trainees who may be undecided about their career pathway more time to make considered decisions about their future. Currently the following broad based core programme has been developed:

Curriculum for a Broad Based Training Programme

The Royal College of General Practitioners, Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Heath and Royal College of Psychiatrists and related specialties of the Joint Royal Colleges of Physicians Training Board have been working together to develop a broad based framework under the auspices of the Academy. 

The General Medical Council (GMC) have approved a core curriculum for  Broad Based Training Programme covering training in four specialties. This represents a two-year structured programme for doctors who have successfully completed the Foundation Programme, providing six-month placements in four specialties to allow broader experience before applying for specialty training.

In creating this new core programme we recognise that there is a need to develop a generation of young doctors who have had significant experience in a number of specialties in different healthcare settings. As healthcare provision is delivered more in the community setting and less in acute hospitals, experience in numerous specialties and healthcare settings is becoming more important. Therefore the broad basis to this programme is critical as it provides an opportunity for trainees to work beyond the artificial boundaries of healthcare and to develop a better understanding of patient pathways across the various sectors and agencies involved in health and social care.

At the end of the two year training programme, trainees will be able to choose to enter one of the four specialties, without further competition, at core training year 2 or specialty training year 2 level. This is subject to satisfactory progression through the programme. In general practice and paediatrics, trainees will enter into specialty training year 2 and, subject to satisfactory reviews, receive a certificate of completion of training (CCT) when the relevant competences as specified by the specialty curriculum have been acquired. In the medical specialties and psychiatry, trainees will complete core training and subsequently compete for entry to higher training.

icon Curriculum for a Broad Based Training Programme (November 2012)

The Working Group is managed by Lesley Hagger