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Revalidation Project Governance Committee

Chaired by: Dr Tony Falconer

The Revalidation Project Governance Committee is responsible and accountable for the overall direction and oversight of Revalidation projects according to the accepted principles of good governance:

  • Projects undertaken by Colleges/Faculties in the area of revalidation which are funded by the Academy with money provided by the Department of Health England.

Its main responsibilities are to:

  • Identify the policy context of the projects and their objectives, and monitor progress towards achieving those objectives
  • Take the decisions necessary to identify, assess and manage risk to the Academy, its constituent Colleges and Faculties and to the Department of Health
  • Set criteria which the Academy should use when making decisions on approving projects and set generic criteria for the performance of projects
  • Be able to demonstrate that the resources made available for projects have been allocated efficiently and with the maximum effectiveness. Opportunity costs need to be identified as well as actual costs
  • Ensure accountability by showing the greatest possible degree of transparency and openness in taking decisions

The Committee membership is made up of represntatives from:

  • The Officers of the Academy
  • At least one representative from the GMC
  • At least one representative from primary care

The committee must collectively possess the expertise required to understand and inform its business, therefore additional tenured or temporary members may join the committee as the need arises.

Project leads will be invited to attend meetings to report as appropriate but will not necessarily be members of the committee