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Academy Nutrition Group

Chaired by: Professor Pat Troop

The Academy Nutrition Group (ANG) was formed in 1997.  It was set up in recognition of the importance of nutrition in medical practice for patient care and public health and that nutrition education for doctors has been highly variable, in both quality and implementation.

The group now comes under the auspices of the Academy as a collaborative venture between the Medical Royal Colleges, and the British Dietetic Association. The Chief Nursing Officer and the British Pharmaceutical Nutrition Group also attend as observers to the group.

ANG’s initial aim was to establish an Intercollegiate Course on Human Nutrition, with relevance to doctors of all disciplines which has been extremely successful. See the ANG course page for details of future courses.

Success has also been achieved in obtaining inclusion of an explicit nutrition component in the Foundation curriculum.

As well as courses the ANG is involved in undergraduate and foundation years training with a view to inputting into higher medical training. Further details can be seen on the work programme

Committee managed by Claire Coomber