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Wednesday, 1st April 2015 - 14:24

Academy Trainee Doctors’ Group

Chaired by: Dr Gethin Pugh

The Academy's Trainee Doctors’ Group (ATDG)  provides a coherent, informed and balanced view on generic issues relevant to College-registered trainees.

It acts, where possible, by consensus, but where this is not possible, by comparing the views of its constituent members to reach a representative view.

ATDG helps the Academy meet its objective of supporting and promoting the work of the medical Colleges and Faculties through specialty training issues and other changes in the provision of medical services and education.

When relevant, the ATDG shares its views with other organisations. In doing so it has the potential to inform and influence the medical profession as a whole. The ATDG is in contact with other trainee organisations such as the BMA, JDC, ASiT and BOTA, as well as wider organisations such as COPMeD, the MMC program board (England), the GMC and NHS Employers.

The ATDG is chaired by Dr Gethin Pugh, supported by two vice-chairs, Dr Rosemary Hollick and Dr Jude Harrison, and consists of representatives from:

  • Each medical Royal College and Faculty represented on the Academy.
Committee managed by Claire Coomber