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Sunday, 26th April 2015 - 17:36

Academy Specialty Training Consultative Committee

Chaired by: TBC

The Academy Specialty Training Committee (ASTCC) coordinates, facilitates and develops generic work of the Royal Colleges and Faculties with regards to postgraduate medical specialty training, including general practice. It acts as a communication aid between the Academy and COPMeD to help to develop proposals for consideration and for the organisation and delivery of foundation in the United Kingdom. It works in conjunction with other relevant bodies relating to postgraduate medical specialty and general practice training.

It has developed curricula, frameworks and programmes through its associated working groups.

The Committee consists of representatives from:

  • One representative from each Royal College and Faculty represented on the Academy and also the JCST and JRCPTB
  • AoMRC Education Lead
  • Academy Trainee Doctors’ Group
  • Academy Patient/Lay Group
  • COGPeD
  • COPMeD
  • GMC
  • HEE National
  • Medical Schools Council
  • Deans
  • NES

The ASTCC leads a number of different working group developing frameworks and curricula where there is commonality between the different specialties. 

The current work streams include:

  • Development of a broad based programme for the two first years post foundation in General Practice, Paediatrics and Child Health, Psychiatry and the related physician specialties.
  • Development of a transferable competences framework
The Working Group is managed by Lesley Hagger