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Academy Foundation Programme Committee

Chaired by: Dr David Kessel

The Academy Foundation Programme Committee (AFPC) coordinates and facilitates the work of the Royal Colleges and Faculties to produce the Foundation Programme Curriculum for the Foundation years.

Further to the MEE Evaluation of the Foundation Programme Curriculum, the Academy of Medical Royal College’s Foundation Programme Committee have revised the Foundation Programme Curriculum which will be in use for the 2012 cohort. Thank you to all those who contributed to the revision which has been fully approved by the GMC.

The key changes include:

  • Alterations to the assessment process (The introduction of Supervised Learning Events forms and clarification of the summative assessment forms)
  • Inclusion of the purpose of foundation
  • Inclusion of high level descriptors, differentiating between F1 and F2 outcomes
  • Revision and updating of competences and all other sections.

The approved 2012 version of the Foundation Programme Curriculum and supporting material for the delivery, including the revised Foundation Programme Resource 2012, Foundation Curriculum 2010 Reference Guide and Rough Guide to Foundation Programme as well as guidance notes to accompany the forms and other aspects of delivery are also available on the UK Foundation Programme Office website from mid March 2012. 

The AFPC's main responsibilities are to:

  • Oversee responsibility for the Foundation Programme Curriculum, including where necessary, revisions.
  • Coordinate and facilitate the work of the Medical Royal Colleges and Faculties on issues related to the Foundation Curriculum Programme
  • Work in conjunction with other relevant bodies relating to the Foundation Curriculum Programme

The Committee consists of representatives from:

  • Royal Colleges and Faculties
  • Foundation Doctors
  • Academy Patient Lay Group
  • COPMeD
  • COGPeD
  • GMC
  • Representatives from the four nations
  • Medical Schools Council

The Academy Foundation Programme Committee currently runs two working groups:

Patient Feedback Working Group

Supervised Learning Events Evaluation Working Group

Committee managed by Johanne Penney