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Global Health Capabilities for UK Health Professionals

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In our increasingly interdependent world, global health has become relevant to all healthcare professionals. With increasing population movement and shifting disease patterns, healthcare professionals working in the UK are being challenged to deliver effective care to multi-cultural communities with diverse needs. The Academy of Medical Royal College’s International Forum commissioned research in to the skills that healthcare professionals, including doctors in postgraduate training, require to meet these needs. Five generic capabilities were identified through a consultation involving a wide range of stakeholders, including trainers, trainees and patients. The aim is for these to be integrated in to postgraduate specialty training curricula.

Improving Assessment: Further Guidance and Recommendations

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In 2009, the Academy published Improving Assessment,which provided an authoritative and accurate overview of workplace-based assessments (WPBAs) in postgraduate medical education and a review of the relevant literature. It has now been six years since the publication of that document and the role of WPBAs in postgraduate medical education in the UK has evolved. This report reviews the position regarding WPBAs and their use in postgraduate medical education.