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How we work

The Academy Council

The work of the Academy is centred on the Academy Council. The Council meet five times a year and consider a wide range of policy and professional issues. Importantly, the Council seeks to 

consider all issues from a four country perspective. Whilst healthcare structures and processes vary across the four nations, the core issues relating to the quality of care, clinical standards and medical education and training are common across the UK.


The Academy has a number of committees that report back to the Council. Each committee meets on average four times a year. The Chairman of each of the committees is appointed by the Academy, and is a member medical Royal College or Faculty representative, with the exception 

of the Patient Lay Group and the Trainee Doctors’ Group where the chairmen are elected by their own committee members. Chairmen of other committees under the Academy umbrella are appointed by the Academy Offi cers. A full list of Academy Committees and their Chairmen is at the back of this report. 


The remainder of the Academy’s work is delivered through specific projects. These are either commissioned by external organisations such as the Department of Health (DH) on a funded basis or part of the Council’s work programme. Projects are either carried out directly by the Academy itself or by external organisations where the Academy’s role is to commission and monitor the delivery of the work.


The Board of Trustees oversee the overall governance of the Academy. It is responsible for all issues relating to governance including finance, audit, risk management and human resources. The Board has the ultimate legal responsibility for the Academy. It is currently chaired by Mr Walter Merricks.

The Academy Council comprises the Presidents of the member Colleges and Faculties (plus the Chairman of the Royal College of General Practitioners Council). The Council determines the healthcare policy issues for the Academy. Professor Dame Sue Bailey is Chair of the Council.

Academy Staff are based in the offices in Clerkenwell, London. The Academy employs ten full-time members of staff and also contracts others on a consultancy basis to undertake specific projects. The Chief Executive is Mr Alastair Henderson.

What we do